My name's Jo Ho.
This is a collection of personal bits and internet finds.

· I'm an Interface and experience designer.

· Was living in Melbourne/Montréal. Currently in Nantes.

Drawing practice


Posts tagged it's me

Iceland is stunning

From Cambodia trip circa 2011. Days of the Golden Half, scanned with a iPhone lomo scanner.

Nice and Cannes briefly with some good company for my birthday.

Offcuts from Penang

Hallo Berlin.

"The official name of the project is ‘Jewish Museum’ but I have named it ‘Between the Lines’ because for me it is about two lines of thinking, organization and relationship. One is a straight line, but broken into many fragments, the other is a tortuous line, but continuing indefinitely." (Daniel Libeskind, 1998)

New digs

Maison des jeux

Chinese New Year

Kampar (at Jalan Idris)

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