My name's Jo Ho.
This is a collection of personal bits and internet finds.

· I'm an Interface and experience designer.

· Was living in Melbourne/Montréal. Currently in Nantes.

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Hallo Berlin.

"The official name of the project is ‘Jewish Museum’ but I have named it ‘Between the Lines’ because for me it is about two lines of thinking, organization and relationship. One is a straight line, but broken into many fragments, the other is a tortuous line, but continuing indefinitely." (Daniel Libeskind, 1998)

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Kampar (at Jalan Idris)

Paper app is inspiring me to practice drawing again. Grifflers is where i put them.


Made with Paper

Hello again


Long story short, T and I left Montréal. It was 6 months of thinking, discussing and trying out things. In the end, we were still torn. But I can safely say we left without regret either. Maybe we will come back one day, lovely people and beautiful life/memories will continue to entice us. So many things have happened since! Highlights: I went to New York and spent 6hrs in line to witness Jon Stewart and crew shoot an ep of the Daily Show, spent some time in France, ate bunch of cheese and rode on this crazy carousel, went to Malaysia to eat a bunch and celebrate my dad’s 60th on tropical island. Plus many countless great things in between!


Melbourne is really nice in the summer. I like that there are a gajillion nice cafes, warm sun, fresh air and good mates. You forget quickly that it’s a city best traversed with cars, public transport is unreliable and expensive. Stuff across the board is more expensive. Then again, it all hurts a little less when one has a job.


I’ve been lucky enough to score a contract gig at REA since the start of November. It’s so refreshing to be working in a familiar environment - “Australian” mannerisms, smart, talented folk, no-BS-get-shit-done and done well attitude. And there’s always new things to learn. I’m gonna miss this place.


After a bunch of hiccups, I finally got my French Working Holiday Visa. French bureaucracy begins where you have to begin - at their website. One has to book an appointment (most are min 2 months ahead) using a mid 2000’s Netscape like interface with barely 2.0 functionality. The content is messy and can be difficult to interpret. By the way, they don’t accept any phone calls or questions if you have any. You could try writing an email as they advise, but I’ve written a handful and never had any replied. I have to thank this lady for sharing her tips, and providing me for much assurance. Especially since I had to take a day off work and fly to Sydney, for that (f-me-if-i-have-to-book-this-again) appointment I’d scheduled 2 months ago. Ah well, life’s all about hiccups,  just gotta take it in stride.


Ces jours-ci, j’apprendre le français avec deux applications iPhone. Duolingo et Mindsnacks. Tous les deux app sont vraiment super, également ils sont gratuit pour télécharger. Je n’ai arrivé pas encore, mais je crois que j’améliorer un peu. J’espere je peux, au moins commence avec des conversations de simples.  On va voir!!


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